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Saudi women launch job search app

Saudi women launch job search app

SnapJobs was founded by six women from Jeddah

A group of women from Saudi Arabia have launched a new app for young job seekers in the kingdom.

The team of six graduates from Jeddah developed SnapJobs as a means to help men and women with degrees connect with employers in the private and public sector, using another popular app as inspiration.

Quoted in local press, one of the founders Ala Al Qawaei said: “The idea of the application came about from our noticing that Snapchat is used by all sectors of society and from this we decided to make an application to help those looking for work.

“Many young men and women have the energy and experience but are not in appropriate jobs. Because of this we are presenting the application to solve the unemployment problem and help people find jobs.”

Developed over a period of six months, the app offers daily job alerts and allows employers to view users’ CVs across, as well as letting them content potential employees directly.

Users can also make 30-second video clips or voice recordings to enhance their prospects.


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