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Saudi women call for cut to domestic worker wages

Saudi women call for cut to domestic worker wages

Families in the kingdom are being encouraged to pay maids less than the standardised wage

A group of Saudi women has reportedly launched a campaign to lower the wages of domestic workers.

This follows recent boycott campaigns in the kingdom against traders and telecoms firms for raising prices.

Saudi Gazette reports that that the group has formed to halt the monopoly of housemaids who work illegally after running away from their sponsors.

They feel that even the standardised wage of housemaids at SAR2,000 ($533) a month is too high and should be brought down to SAR1,000 ($267), according to the publication.

The group is said to be asking Saudi families to pay their maids no more than SAR1,000 in light of tougher economic conditions in the kingdom.

Last month, the kingdom’s cabinet announced that ministerial salaries would be cut by 20 per cent and the wages of Shoura Council members by 15 per cent.

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Government departments have also issued new punctuality systems to the ire of workers.

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