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Saudi Shura Council members call for military roles for women

Saudi Shura Council members call for military roles for women

Shura Council members said women could be enrolled in certain areas of the Saudi military

Members of Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council have reportedly called for women to be enrolled in military service.

Deputy chairman of the council’s security committee Major General Ali Al-Tamimi was quoted by Saudi Gazette as saying Islam did not prevent women from participating in military affairs.

He recalled instances where women would contribute to Jihad in the past.

“The kingdom, which is a member of the G20 and which annually receives millions of Haj and Umrah pilgrims, fully understands the importance of using women in military service,” Ali Al-Tamimi said, according to reports.

He recommended that women participate in a number of military activities including security operations, inspections, interrogations, accounting and financial management.

Another council member, Sultan Al-Sultan, said women could be trained in anti-terrorism to trace the activities of female terrorists.

Saudi Arabia is looking to boost female employment as part of its economic diversification plans.

So far this year, the country has opened up several new lines of work for women and opened a new female business park.

This week, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development also revealed a strategy to link 50,000 women in the kingdom with outsourcing jobs.

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The United Arab Emirates is one of few countries in the region to allow women to participate in military service.

The country drew international headlines in September 2014 when Major Mariam Al Mansouri, the UAE’s first female fighter pilot, led missions against terrorist group ISIL in Iraq.


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