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Saudi schools shut due to sandstorms

Saudi schools shut due to sandstorms

Authorities in Riyadh and other major areas opted to close schools on Tuesday

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education announced plans to close schools in Riyadh and other areas on Tuesday due to bad weather.

In a brief statement, Riyadh’s general director of education Hamad bin Nasser Al-Wahaibi said that schools in Riyadh, Ramah, Thadig and Muzahmiya would be shut.

This followed sandstorm warnings from the General Authority for Meteorology and Environment Protection about the weather.

A similar statement was issued by the Education Department of Al-Kharj to announce the closure public, private and foreign education schools in the city of Al-Sih and other urban centres and villages in the province.

“The administration said that the suspension of the study comes on the basis of the reports of the General Authority for Meteorology and Environmental Protection about the waves of dust in the area and the implications, and to protect the safety of students,” Saudi Press Agency reported.


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