Saudi mobile industry required to employ 100% Saudis in six months

New initiative aims to create jobs for nationals

Saudi Arabia’s entire mobile industry, from sales to maintenance and accessories, must employ nationals by September 2, according to reports.

Notices have been sent to companies and employees in the industry to increase their employee count to 50 per cent Saudi in three months and 100 per cent in six months, Arab Newsreported.

The decision by labour minister Mufrej Al-Haqabani is aimed to creates jobs for Saudi men and women and give them financial stability. It applies to small, medium and large businesses.

The ministry said it would work with the Human Resources Development Fund and other organisations and ministries to design training programmes for Saudis in customer service, maintenance and entrepreneurship.

The government will also pay part of Saudi employees’ salaries, it was reported.

Violators will be subject to heavy penalties, the ministry warned.