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Saudi judiciary to speed up processing of female traffic offenders

Saudi judiciary to speed up processing of female traffic offenders

Saudi women who commit traffic offences punishable by detention are held in female care centres

Saudi’s Higher Judicial Council has issued a decision to equip premises near female care centres to handle traffic offences.

Since the kingdom lifted its female driving ban on June 24, any women who have committed traffic offences punishable by detention have been held in female care centres.

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Those aged below the age of 30 will only be released from the homes by a judge’s order, according to local reports.

Meanwhile, those aged above 30 can leave after serving their jail term.

Monday’ decision is designed to speed of the completion of cases related to traffic violations within the jurisdiction of the general courts.

It follows several other steps to provide women with judicial support including an alimony fund for divorced women facing litigation and the granting of child custody to mothers in cases where there is no legal dispute.

There are currently seven care centres across the kingdom and plans for a further five, with the eventual goal to cover every province, according to Saudi Gazette.

The lifting of the female driving ban is expected to provide a major boost to the Saudi economy.

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On the day, the ban was lifted traffic authorities said they had received 120,000 applications from women for licences.

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