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Saudi Issues Shoot On Sight Order For Border Infiltrators

Saudi Issues Shoot On Sight Order For Border Infiltrators

The orders follow an attack on the Saudi border earlier this year leaving two guards and a senior military commander dead.

Saudi Arabia has issued orders to its border security forces to shoot any infiltrators trying to cross into the country illegally on site, local media reported.

Major Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, official spokesman of the border guards, confirmed that all security forces had received instructions to shoot on sight in suspicious cases.

He added that the decision was taken to ensure the safety of the country’s citizens.

The shoot on sight orders follow a border skirmish on the Kingdom’s frontier with Iraq earlier this year. Two Saudi border guards and a senior commander were killed in a suicide and gun attack mounted by four militants trying to infiltrate Saudi Arabia’s border.

Although no militant groups have taken responsibility for the attack, analysts say that it was carried out by the extremist group ISIL.

Following the rise of ISIL, which has captured large parts of Syria and Iraq, the world’s top oil exporter has ramped up its security provisions, especially on its border with Iraq.

In July last year, Saudi Arabia stationed thousands of troops to back up a border guards force after ISIL embarked on military attacks in Iraq.

Saudi Arabia has also been strongly criticised by radical groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIL after it joined US-led air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

The Gulf Arab country led to attacks against the minority groups and foreigners.

Last year, eight Shi’ites were killed in Al Ahsa province by a gunman linked to Islamic State while a Danish citizen was shot in the Kingdom.


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