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Saudi issues deadline for Saudisation of motor insurance sector

Saudi issues deadline for Saudisation of motor insurance sector

The kingdom also Saudised issued new rules for the Saudisation of the mobile shop sector last year

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) has issued a directive stating most jobs within the motor insurance industry must be Saudised later this year.

SAMA said the new rule would come into effect on July 2, according to Saudi Press Agency.

It will affect jobs in branches and centres for receiving claims, debris management and recovery, surveyors, customer care, complaints departments and other administrative roles, according to Saudi Gazette.

Monthly reports are required from insurance companies to record their progress in implementing the changes.

Companies are also required to provide training to Saudi employees.

The new directive comes following the abrupt Saudisation of the kingdom’s mobile market last year.

In March 2016, mobile shop owners were told they had three months to make sure 50 per cent of their staff were Saudi and six months to completely Saudise their workforce.

This resulted in the closure of thousands of shops due to owners deeming them unprofitable with the higher salaries demanded by Saudi staff or inspections from the government to crack down on violators.

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