91% of Saudi’s youth browse internet on mobile phones

Study shows 90.5 per cent of young people in the kingdom believe values and ethics should be promoted on social media

A new study has revealed that 91.4 per cent of Saudi Arabia’s youth population browses the internet on their mobile phones.

The study, conducted by researcher Ahmad bin Ali Al Amoudi, also showed that 56.9 per cent log on to social media networking sites before bed, 75.9 per cent prefer to browse while at home and that 12.6 per cent of respondents use social media for two hours per day.

Presented at the World Youth Forum in Istanbul, the study found that 85.3 per cent of young people in Saudi Arabia use social media sites to get information and news, and that 90.5 per cent of participants believe that values and ethics should be the most highly promoted topics on such platforms, followed by dialogue and an exchange of views.

Al Amoudi believes the study led to a number of recommendations, including the establishment of partnerships between public and private sectors and charities to launch initiatives promoting values and ideas on social media, and the implementation of workshops by technology and internet companies.

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