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Saudi detains 66 people for alleged links with terror groups

Saudi detains 66 people for alleged links with terror groups

Those arrested include 61 Saudi nationals

Saudi security forces have detained 66 people over the last two weeks for allegedly having links with terrorist organisations in the kingdom, local daily Arab News reported.

They are currently being held in general investigation prisons pending a probe, the report said.

Those arrested include 61 Saudis, one Qatari national, one Yemeni, one Sudanese, one Ethiopian and one Syrian national.

According to the report, in total, there are 5,305 people accused of having links to terrorist groups currently being housed in general investigation prisons. They comprise 4,448 Saudis and 857 people from other nationalities, including three Qataris, 24 Sudanese, 216 Syrians, 298 Yemenis and four Ethiopians.

Some are serving their sentences, some are in the process of issuing appeals, and others are still awaiting investigation.

Saudi has seen several attacks in recent times.

Earlier this month, two royal guards were killed and three wounded during an attack at a checkpoint in the Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah. The perpetrator was also killed in the incident.

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Security forces are also carrying out several raids at “terrorist hideouts” to thwart further attacks in the kingdom, the report added.


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