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Saudi dependents fee does not apply to visit visas

Saudi dependents fee does not apply to visit visas

Some foreign workers were reportedly asked to pay the dependents fee on top of that for visa extension

Expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia are not required to pay the new dependents fee for relatives on visit visas, the kingdom’s passport department has announced, after some residents were requested to pay extra for extension.

Saudi Gazette reports that a number of parents were asked to pay more than the usual SAR100 for a visit visa extension amid confusion in the initial days of the dependents fee’s implementation.

From July 1, foreign workers are required to pay an SAR100 monthly fee for each dependent before the renewal of a residency permit or the issuance of an entry/re-entry visa.

The figure increases to SAR200 per month next year and will reach SAR400 per month by July 1, 2020.

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“No extra fees beyond the SAR100 for the monthly extension of the visit visa will be charged,” the passport department was quoted as saying.

Those that paid out extra to extend visit visas were asked to seek a refund from their bank.


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