Saudi to create 50,000 outsourcing jobs for women

The scheme has already connected 2,000 women with part-time outsourcing work

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development has reportedly revealed a national strategy for female employment that will provide more than 50,000 outsourcing job opportunities.

The scheme, which will launch in the next two months and continue for two years, has already connected 2,000 women with part-time outsourcing work with salaries ranging from SAR 3,000 to SAR 9,000, according to Al –Madinah newspaper.

Deputy minister of labour and social development Abdulmunim Al-Shihry was quoted as saying 100 private companies were offering outsourcing positions in various parts of the kingdom.

The scheme aims to bring housewives into the workforce and address challenges relating to a lack of suitable work environments for women in the kingdom, according to the official.

“One of the biggest obstacles to feminising the private and public sectors is providing a suitable work environment. A suitable environment for women includes appurtenant facilities and services such as a daycare, separate restrooms, a transportation service and security,” he said.

Al-Shihry said the ministry also wanted to encourage women to take on part time work by giving them incentives.

The programme is expected to particularly appeal to women working in rural areas and small towns and will be served be seven centres in Qassim, Hail, Jazan, Madinah, Najran and Al-Ahsa.

A further centre in Tabuk and an online portal for the programme is also planned.