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Saudi Aramco to fire employees for repeat traffic violations – report

Saudi Aramco to fire employees for repeat traffic violations – report

Those who accumulate more than 30 violation points in a year will be dismissed

Saudi oil giant Aramco plans to dismiss employees who accumulate too many traffic violations in a single year, according to a report.

New regulations at the company state that staff who receive more than 30 violation points in one year will be fired, local daily Arab News reported.

Those who gather less than 10 points of violation will be called for an “awareness” meeting.

Employees accumulating between 10 to 19 points will receive a warning and the PR department will also send a report to the head of administration and its deputy.

A second warning and a similar report will be issued for those accumulating between 20 to 29 traffic violation points, the report said.

The new regulation is aimed at reducing traffic accidents. Over the last year, 14 Aramco employees died because of traffic accidents while 30 others were killed in the last two years in car accidents, the report claimed.

The new rule will be applicable both within the massive Aramco compound and outside, on the main roads.

Aramco has already begun implementing the new rule, officials said.

It has teamed up with the traffic department to send messages to all its employees, informing them of the new policy.

State-owned Saudi Aramco, which manages the world’s largest proven oil reserves, is headquartered in Dhahran and employs more than 55,000 employees.

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