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Saudi Arabia changes law for juvenile offenders in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia changes law for juvenile offenders in the kingdom

Minors will no longer face the death penalty

The Saudi Human Rights Commission announced on Sunday, April 26, that minors in Saudi Arabia who commit serious crimes will be sentenced to a maximum prison sentence of 10 years in a young offender’s detention centre, media reports have indicated.

Until now, the maximum punishment for juvenile offenders included the death penalty.

The announcement cites a royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

“Any individuals who received a death sentence for crimes committed while he or she is a minor can no longer face execution. Instead, the individual will receive a prison sentence of no longer than 10 years in a juvenile detention facility,” said the commission president Awwad Alawwad, reported The National.

“This is an important day for Saudi Arabia. The decree helps us in establishing a more modern penal code and demonstrates the kingdom’s commitment to following through on key reforms across all sectors of our country,” added Alawwad.

Last week, a decision passed by the General Commission of the Supreme Court effectively abolished flogging and replaced it with prison terms or fines.

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