Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+: The best of both worlds
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+: The best of both worlds

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+: The best of both worlds

Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ is what happens when design meets power


The past twelve months have seen the line between work and play getting even blurrier.

In the era of work-from-home and work-from-anywhere, hybrid devices that are powerful enough to handle enterprise apps yet transition seamlessly to a full entertainment and gaming device will rule the roost.

Enter Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, Samsung’s most advanced Tabs yet.

What’s inside?
You need power, whether you are collaborating with your other remote colleagues on a design project or hunting enemies in PUBG®. The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ have that in spades, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Mobile Platform, a real breakthrough in processing power. Extremely fast and powerful, this intelligent chipset can run intense games or easily multitask—all with minimal lag.

There’s no room for lag with this one either. At 120Hz, the responsive display instantly reacts to what’s on your screen-so no more having to play catch-up with your display. The Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ intelligently adjust the refresh rate based on your content and helps you save battery as you watch and scroll.

The S Pen lets you create everything from art and illustrations to comics like a pro.

After all that toil, you may wish to kick back with perhaps a 14-hour movie marathon (you deserve it). The Super AMOLED display makes for a truly cinematic experience, with vivid colours and deep blacks. And Samsung made sure your binge-watching habit is easy on the eyes, with the lowest blue light you can find on a tablet display.

And while the competition cuts corners with in-built audio specs in the assumption that you have will have your headphones handy, the Quad speaker sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos in the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are motivation enough to ditch your headphones entirely.

Ok, back to work.

PC mode
When the task at hand requires some roomier real estate, simply snap on the BookCover Keyboard, which, thanks to a dedicated Samsung DeX key, transforms your workspace into a bigger PC-like interface.

The S Pen revolutionized the stylus segment. Now the latest iteration of the S Pen comes with ultra-low latency, so there’s little lag between what you think and do. The latest stylus is S Pen’s biggest leap in responsiveness, offering a true writing experience and complete control with Air Actions (the latter essentially turns the S Pen into a remote for your tab). Then when you’re done, just snap it to the back of your Tab where it magnetically attaches itself. With the S Pen and Samsung Notes, you can mark up PDFs, export your notes to Microsoft Office apps, and sync all your notes across all devices.

Fewer words trigger more terror in our daily lives than these two: Low Battery. You can relieve your anxiety thanks to the 8000mAh battery in the Galaxy Tab S7 or the 10090mAh power in the Galaxy Tab S7+. That power delivers hours of gaming on a single charge or a whole day of working on your Tab. When you eventually run out of juice, get back to full capacity quicker with the fast-charging USB-C port.

Transform your tablet into a PC experience in second with the Book Cover keyboard that attaches with a snap.

If your laptop is clumsy and unwieldy (as most are) you will revel in the incredibly thin and light silhouette of the Galaxy Tab S7 series. Offered in Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Navy hues, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ design is robust yet stylish.

Wait, there’s more.

Samsung is offering a free keyboard book cover worth Dhs769 with the Galaxy Tab S7 I S7+. There’s also a 1-year subscription of Microsoft 365 worth Dhs299, including Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and 1TB of cloud storage. Plus, you also get four months of YouTube Premium free, so you can watch all your favourite content, uninterrupted. This offer is valid from now until February 28, 2021.


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