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Riyad Bank CEO to retire, deputy to take over role

Riyad Bank CEO to retire, deputy to take over role

The bank is Saudi Arabia’s fourth-largest lender by assets

Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia’s fourth-largest lender by assets, said on Monday its chief executive Talal al-Qudaibi plans to retire effective October 31.

The bank’s deputy chief executive Abdul Majeed Abdullah al-Mobarak will assume responsibilities of the chief executive, Riyad bank said in a bourse statement.

The lender recently posted a 1.6 per cent rise in second-quarter net profit, beating analysts forecasts.

The bank made SAR1.15bn ($306.6m) in the three months to June 30, up from SAR1.13bn in the same period of 2015, it said in a bourse filing.

Six analysts polled by Reuters had on average forecast the bank’s quarterly profit would be SAR1.03bn.

The bank cited a decrease in impairment charges for credit losses, which helped total operating expenses drop 15.1 per cent year on year, as well as an increase in gains on non trading investments, net special commission income and exchange income, for the advance in profit.

Saudi companies issue brief earnings statements early in the reporting period before publishing more detailed results later.

Operating income for the second quarter fell by 6.5 per cent on the corresponding period of 2015 to SAR2.03bn, while profits from special commissions increased 5.2 per cent over the same timeframe to SAR1.36bn.

Loans and advances at the end of June stood at SAR154.67bn, gaining 12.8 per cent on the same point of 2015, while deposits dipped 1.8 per cent to SAR164.04bn over the same period.


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