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Review: Parrot Zikmu Solo Speaker

Review: Parrot Zikmu Solo Speaker

Boasting its own app, the Zikmu Solo provides great output and comes equipped with various connectivity options.


In another testament to Philippe Starck’s design skills, the curvy, futuristic Parrot Zikmu Solo speaker certainly looks the part. But there’s much more going on under its glamorous hood.

Equipped with three 20-watt flat-panel speakers and a 6.5 inch 40 watt woofer, the Zikmu Solo has a punchy total output of 100 watt, which is formidable for its compact size. The centre speaker combined with the two side panels work to reproduce a natural, balanced sound in the room. This reviewer found that the crisp sound remained constant throughout multiple mediums, from the TV news, to movies, to Pink Floyd.

One of Zikmu Solo’s biggest strengths lies in its connectivity options. The integrated Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC) and wifi choices allow smart, easy hook ups with your music source ofchoice.

Put your smartphone next to the Zikmu Solo and a connection between the two devices will be instantly created, with music passing from the smartphone to the speaker (as long as your phone is NFC compatible and is running the Android OS version 4.1 or above).

The Zikmu Solo also includes an option for fast wifi synchronisation and supports an instant connection with routers equipped with WPS by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

And this speaker even comes with its own app. The Parrot Audio Suite application, dedicated to smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android, is available for free on the app store.

In addition to volume and equaliser control, this application allows the user to browse the audio sources connected to the speaker or to adjust the Zikmu Solo’s audio settings according to the size of the room. Nifty.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, quick start, streaming speaker – and you’re not on a limited budget – then this speaker is certainly worth a look.

Price in the UAE: Dhs 3899


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