Review: Lenovo K900
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Review: Lenovo K900

Review: Lenovo K900

The flagship smartphone from Lenovo is unwieldy, but takes great photos.


K900, the flagship model of PC maker Lenovo’s new smartphone range enters a crowded, near- saturated market.

But the device seems well equipped to battle rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple’s iPhone 5 and HTC One.

Extremely slim at 6.9mm, the K900 weighs only 162g and is made from a composite of stainless steel alloy and polycarbonate, lending the device a classy finish.

But measuring 157 x 78mm, the phone is rather unwieldy, and sticks out of your palm and pocket. The one advantage of its gigantic size is the massive 5.5-inch 1080p full HD screen, which offers brilliant clarity.

Lenovo K900 runs on the Intel Atom Z2580 processor, a dual core chip and functions on the latest Android Jelly Bean OS (customised). It comes pre-loaded with the usual apps such as Facebook and YouTube, and downloading new apps and flicking through the pages was smooth and easy.

The phone’s finest feature though is its 13MP camera, which comes with a wide aperture f1.8 lens allowing for great low-light shots. The Panorama option was especially receptive and produced some exceptional photos. Despite being a camera buff, I didn’t miss mine with the K900.

Overall, the device is sturdy and reliable, and although my original phone crashed, Lenovo assured me that it was a single faulty phone, and the replacement they sent me works just fine.

Price in the UAE: Dhs1,999


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