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Review: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

Review: Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

The flexible 13-inch hybrid from Lenovo can be folded into a tent or a tablet.


Yoga, as its name suggests, is a flexible and bendy gadget. The hybrid notebook offering from Lenovo comes packed with Microsoft 8 OS – launched last year.

The ‘yoga’ bit about the 13-inch notebook is that it can either be folded into a tent, or the screen can be pushed backwards 360 degrees to form a tablet. Neat. And the hinges that enable this movement are smooth and slim, which is great.

The notebook’s screen resolution is bright and clear, the colour display is good and the volume was decent. But when converted into a tablet, there were a few issues that we noticed.

For one, it’s not very comfortable to hold the tablet in your hand since your fingers rest (quite unsteadily) on the keys at the back. Thankfully, the keyboard function is disabled in the tablet form and it automatically moves into the touchscreen mode.

However, the device does not boast a very receptive touchscreen, and required consistent dabbing (at the screen) at some points.

Also, a small aside – it actually took us a few minutes to locate the power shut down button, since it’s hidden on the right.

That said, the Yoga’s battery life is good, the device is sleek and comes in exciting colours like orange. An innovative product from Lenovo, its pricing starts from $1,049.


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