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Review: Blue Flame

Review: Blue Flame

The exotic restaurant promises exceptional food, terrific service and exquisite ambiance.


A name as juxtaposed as the ‘blue flame’ conjures up an illusion of rarity that the signature restaurant lives up to. So when our
hostess Teresa greets us with a warm smile, we have no idea how much better things are going to get.

Once seated at our table, we are served broccoli, zucchini and shitake mushroom muffins with lobster butter and beef bacon oil. Resisting the strong urge to fill up as the bread melts into our mouths, we studiously peruse the menu that has been creatively peppered with dishes named ‘Drama’ and coo at the display tray containing succulent cuts of Wagyu and Angus meat.

For appetisers we try two dishes. The beef carpaccio is as close to a halogenic experience in your mouth as you’ll get. Served with smoked pear, gorgonzola mousse and pine nut dressing, the truffle-cured tenderloin settles gently on the tongue with a pleasant unraveling of flavours.

The grilled octopus with frothed pesto and saffron mayonnaise is tasty as well, avoiding the toughness I usually associate with it.

Lobster bisque containing warm king crab salad and coconut lemongrass is next on the list, and wonderfully zesty.

For the main course we opt for the grand grill that the restaurant will soon be renowned for.

The king prawns come with saffron mayonnaise sauce, truffled mac and cheese, and lovely side dishes like garlic spinach, white asparagus and wild mushroom ragout, all tasty, healthy and crispy in equal part.

But the piece-de-resistance is the barbeque beef rib. Braised for 24 hours, and presented with well-suited companions like celeriac salad, tiny onion rings, and triple-cooked potato chips, the dish is simply outstanding.

Like the ideal cherry on top, the dessert complements the meal by being utterly fantastic.

The chocolate inspirations boast the best in the chocolate kingdom: hazelnut gianduja, chocolate mousse, cappuccino foam, frozen cocoa and ivory ganache.

Blue Flame blends the fine art of exceptional food, terrific service and exquisite ambiance, and is well on its way to becoming one of Dubai’s favourites.


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