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REVEALED: Top Global Elections To Watch

REVEALED: Top Global Elections To Watch

Next year will witness some of the world’s most crucial political elections, changing the face of the region and beyond.

The world witnessed the most important global election in the US last week, but there are several more crucial vote battles to watch out for in the next year.

Q4 2012: South Korea, Ghana and Kuwait

While the presidential and congressional elections in the United States dominated the media coverage in recent months, there are other key elections that will take place over the final two months of 2012. These include South Korea’s upcoming presidential election, Ghana’s national elections and Kuwait’s parliamentary elections. 

Meanwhile, China’s Communist Party will choose the country’s new leaders in late 2012.

Q1 2013: Japan, Israel, Kenya, Ecuador, Malaysia

Among the international elections to watch in the first quarter of 2013 are Japan’s parliamentary elections that could lead to a change in government in the world’s third-largest economy and Israel’s parliamentary elections that will take place amid tensions with Iran. 

Presidential and parliamentary elections will both take place in Kenya and Ecuador too. Moreover, there is a strong possibility that presidential elections will take place in Zimbabwe and parliamentary elections will take place Malaysia in early 2013.

Q2 2013: Iran, Pakistan, Tunisia, Madagascar, Paraguay

National elections will take place in three volatile countries in the second quarter of 2013. Most notably, Iran will hold presidential elections during this period to replace outgoing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

In addition, Pakistan will hold parliamentary elections while Tunisia will vote on a new president and parliament. 

In Europe, Italy will hold national elections amid that country’s ongoing debt crisis. Finally, two other volatile countries, Madagascar and Paraguay, are also scheduled to hold national elections in the second quarter.

Q3 2013: Germany, Austria, Norway, Lebanon

The third quarter of 2013 will be the quietest period for elections next year. The most important election scheduled for this period is Germany’s parliamentary election as this will have a massive impact on Europe’s efforts to pull itself out of its economic crisis. 

Two other European countries, Austria and Norway, will also hold parliamentary elections in the third quarter. 

Finally, parliamentary elections may take place in Lebanon during this period.

Q4 2013: Australia, Chile, Georgia, Honduras

Unlike late 2012, the final months of 2013 will not experience too many major international elections. The two most critical elections scheduled for late 2013 are Australia’s parliamentary elections and Chile’s presidential election. 

Meanwhile, two more volatile countries, Georgia and Honduras, will also hold national elections in the final months of 2013.

Source: ISA (International Strategic Analysis)


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