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Revealed: Top 10 Cities Offering The Best Quality Of Living

Revealed: Top 10 Cities Offering The Best Quality Of Living

Dubai retains the top spot in the MENA region, while Vienna is named as the best globally.

Dubai remains the top city in the Middle East for quality of living, ranking 74 globally – down one spot from last year, according to latest annual global Quality of Living report published by HR consultancy Mercer.

Neighbouring Abu Dhabi came second in the region, ranking 77 this year, moving up one place from 2014. Muscat (ranking 104), Doha (108) and Amman (122) rounded off the top five in the region.

Most cities from across the MENA region maintained a stable ranking position compared to last year, the report said.

The most notable changes were found in Beirut (down eight spots to 181) and Cairo (down nine places to 170).

These movements “clearly reflect the instability in Lebanon and Egypt over the last few years,” Mercer said.

Mercer’s survey, which ranks 230 cities, takes into account a city’s political and social environment, medical care and health considerations, public services, recreation facilities and natural environment.

“In order for multinational companies to ensure their expatriates are compensated appropriately and an adequate hardship allowance is included in compensation packages, they must be aware of current events and local circumstances,” said Nuno Gomes, Information Solutions Middle East leader at Mercer.

“Factors such as internal stability, law enforcement effectiveness, crime levels and medical facilities are important to consider when deciding on an international assignment, and the impact on daily life that could be encountered by the expatriate in overseas placements.”

Vienna was rated as the city with the best quality of living for the second consecutive year, with other European cities dominating the top rankings.

Baghdad, Bangui and Port-Au-Prince were ranked at the bottom of the list.

“Infrastructure has a significant effect on the quality of living that expatriates experience. While often taken for granted when functioning to a high standard, a city’s infrastructure can generate severe hardship when it is deficient,” said Gomez.

“Companies need to provide adequate allowances to compensate their international workers for these and other hardships,” he added.


1. Vienna

Country: Austria
2014 rank: 1

2. Zurich

Country: Switzerland
2014 rank: 2

3. Auckland

Country: New Zealand
2014 rank: 3

4. Munich

Country: Germany
2014 rank: 4

5. Vancouver

Country: Canada
2014 rank: 5

6. Dusseldorf

Country: Germany
2014 rank: 6

7. Frankfurt

Country: Germany
2014 rank: 7

8. Geneva

Country: Switzerland
2014 rank: 8

9. Copenhagen

Country: Denmark
2014 rank: 9

10. Sydney

Country: Australia
2014 rank: 10


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