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Revealed: New Innovative Tech Gadgets Breaking The Mold

Revealed: New Innovative Tech Gadgets Breaking The Mold

Some of the latest novel gadgets that could change the industry.

Technology is changing at a rapid pace and with ‘smart’ taking center stage, we could soon expect to see driverless cars and talking doors around us.

While a plethora of new gadgets are being launched to help us transition to that future, some are truly ‘breaking the mold’, according to tech firm IDC.

Saad Elkhadem, associate research analyst at IDC MEA said: “Most of us are aware of what is happening in the current world of technology with the big names around, but what about the smaller unknowns, the non-human tech creating murmurs for being different?”

The company compiled a list of new innovative technology ventures in a varied range of sectors.

“Most of the technologies showcased here are still in the development phases and are seeking funding.

“However, once or even if these goals are met, rest assured that given the importance of the market in the Middle East, we will at some point eventually see some of these tech ventures make their way into stores here,” Elkhadem added.


Coin: The card to replace all cards



• Size: Credit card
• Display: e-ink
• Battery: Two years
• Single button to switch between cards
• Dongle provided to swipe and record cards on to Coin via app on iOS or Android
• Availability: Estimated in 2015
• Price: $50

LOOP: New payment solution

loop pay


• Payment system that uses magnetic frequencies to send to payment machines
• Form factors: Keychain FOB, iPhone case
• Need swipe machines, can’t insert
• Dongle provided to swipe and recaord cards onto accessory
• Availability: Current
• Price: Starting from $30

Clever Pet: Dog trainer

Clever pet


• Device to train your dog and keep it entertained while you’re out of the house
• How: Reward the dog with a treat once it interacts correctly with Clever Pet
• Interactions get progressively trickier
• Users can keep track via app or computer
• Availability: 2015
• Price: TBA

No More Woof: Dog communicator

no more woof


• Gadget capable of translating dog’s thoughts into human language
• Thoughts include fatigue, hunger, and curiosity
• Release Date: TBD

Bistro: For cat lovers

bistro 2


• Smart device that uses facial recognition to keep track of your cats weight and eating habits
• Facial recognition used to keep track of different cats you own
• Data is sent to your smartphone
• Also includes online community for cat lovers
• Availability: 2015
• Price: $249

Ownfone: Braille phone for the blind



• Braille mobile phone
• Front of the phone is constructed using 3D printing
• Front of the phone can be personalised to four different buttons to call different people
• Colours: Multiple
• Availability: Current
• Price: $100

Vessyl: the smart cup



• Smart cup that details what you drink and provides nutritional information
• Info given about calories, fat, caffeine, sugar
• Info displayed on cup + phone
• Capacity: 13oz
• Availability: 2015
• Price: $99

Body Dryers: Towel replacer

body dryer  2


• Device to step on that blows air upwards towards your whole body to dry you off
• Provides hot or cold air
• Cannot be used as a hair-dryer
• Includes scale
• Availability: TBD
• Price: $250

Vivalnk: digital tattoo that unlocks your phone



• A tattoo that is placed on your skin and used to unlock your Motorola device
• Trend: More and more add-on features to more quickly unlock phones
• Duration: lasts up to five days
• Availability: Current
• Price: $12 / 10 pieces

Quitbit: Cigarette stopper



• Cigarette lighter that keeps track of how much you’re smoking
• Screen: keeps track of how much you’re smoking and the time between each cigarette
• Companion app: Can force lighter not to work for extended times
• Availability: TBD
• Price: $100

om/one speakers: levitating speakers



• Portable levitating bluetooth speakers
• How: Magnets
• Battery Life: 15 hours
• Includes in-built mic
• Availability: 2014
• Price: $200

Intel’s smart bowl: Charging device



• Smart bowl to wirelessly charge all kinds of devices
• Will only work with Intel devices initially, but expected to broaden to other gadgets eventually
• Can charge various devices without exact placement
• Size: 10-inch diameter
• Availabilty: TBD
• Price: TBA


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