Revealed: What the GCC’s future workforce will look like

Survey finds that 2018 will be the “year of millennial leadership”

Sponsored: A strongly bonded corporate team that promotes equality and diversity will be the future composition of the workforce, a recent survey of HR professionals has found.

The 2018 Top HR Trends Report, produced by the HR Summit and Expo, The Talent Enterprise and The HR Observer, showed a shift in attitudes among human resources staff to adapt to the changing workplace.

This year in particular, survey respondents indicated would be the “year of millennial leadership”, which could give rise to a shift in current leadership practices as a result.

Other key trends identified by those in the industry included engagement and flexible working hours, in response to growing evidence that workers do not need to be tied to a conventional office.

There was also a realisation that recruiting Emirati nationals would be critical to diversifying workforces in the UAE in particular and strengthening cultural values.

Overall, HR professionals see positive changes occurring in their field this year, with a focus on talent management, technology, engagement and employee wellbeing expected to lead to a more fulfilled, engaged, happier and hopefully more productive corporate culture.

“HR can no longer be perceived rudimentary and hostile, rather, its importance should be elevated to the strategic level and decisions need to be made in collaboration with the department that manages the most important assets of the organisation – its people,” the report authors note.

The survey polled 1,200 people at the 2017 HR Summit and Expo in Dubai.

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