Revealed: Arab Expatriate Salaries In The Gulf

The Gulf Business 2014 Salary Survey found that there has been an influx of well-qualified Arab expats into the GCC in the last year.

Average Arab expatriate salaries stand at $11,117 per month, up  5.31 per cent compared to $10,556 per month last year, according to the Gulf Business 2014 Salary Survey.

Regional instability is believed to be playing a role in this rise with an increasing number of Arabs coming to the GCC from the Middle East’s trouble hotspots or countries bordering them.

“There has been an influx of well- qualified Arabs into the GCC, especially the UAE, and they are taking senior positions that were previously being held by European and American nationals,” said Ian Giulianotti, associate director HRM Consulting, Nadia.

The survey polled the average remuneration for 20 roles, including finance, real estate and media, across the six Gulf countries.

Average Monthly Salary in US$ for an Arab Expatriate Employee in the Gulf

CEO/MD – Multinational27,01134,18528,28729,61426,76834,197
CEO/MD – Local Company20,12124,34421,29621,04418,58923,594
Human Resources – Manager88,5511,7689,34110,0808,76311,300
Information Technology – Manager11,27813,10011,42812,29310,47314,041
Sales/Marketing – Account Manager5,9107,5466,4016,4395,6647,329
Legal – Lawyer Marketer/Manager9,80012,34910,50310,7109,35012,006
Facilities Management – Manager7,24710,6798,5888,9437,9109,859
Finance & Accounting – Manager9,13511,7169,3959,9668,48911,453
Recruitment – Manager6,9679,9237,8777,3967,3379,304
Healthcare – General Practitioner/ Manager8,50012,8509,50010,0009,00010,750
Real Estate – Manager9,55913,7189,6479,9089,12312,844
Banking – Branch Manager8,51911,7999,1639,1578,08610,324
Banking – Treasury Manager11,36115,69813,45611,78511,49214,065
Banking – Retail/Personal Banking Manager8,45810,3299,0459,1437,36810,792
Media – Advertising Creative Manager8,30311,0369,2089,2408,14910,954
Media – Public Relations Manager8,01410,9788,6368,9897,84710,493
Media – Publishing Editor7,1039,0897,9847,8806,9399,047
Construction – Project Manager11,50815,55212,67012,48210,58413,959
Events – Manager5,6977,9106,6846,8005,9597,741
Executive Secretary/PA5,0376,2735,1905,6814,6976,314

The survey was compiled based on inputs provided by four regional recruitment companies including Nadia, BAC Middle East, Adecco Middle East and CharterhouseClick here for the complete report. 

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