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Restaurant review: Trèsind Studio, Dubai

Restaurant review: Trèsind Studio, Dubai

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Tresind studio dubai

Indian food has become ubiquitous worldwide, so to re-invent it is no small feat. But this ‘tiny’ restaurant – with the capacity for just 18 guests – has managed to accomplish just that.

Trèsind Studio boasts a 16-course dinner tasting menu tapping into the science of molecular gastronomy and fusion cuisine while retaining the core of Indian delicacies.

A misty aromatic start gets you prepared for the epicurean journey, which begins with chef Himanshu Saini’s interpretation of the popular street-food ‘chat dish’ pani puri. The deconstructed dish, presented in a frozen bowl, provides a fresh start and is followed by a course of traditional Indian bread accompanied with a generous dollop of freshly churned butter.

Tresind studio dubai

Another course sees a tiny yet delicious scoop of mixed chat presented on a massive golden oyster plate, while the unusual combination of watermelon and ‘rasam’ (South Indian soup) tastes impressive. The ravioli with mushroom ‘chai’ is lip-smacking, while the red beetroot dish and lotus stem curry combo provide a visual treat.

Tresind studio dubai

A walk up to the chef’s table to see him mix up the humble ‘khichdi’ (a lentil and rice dish) using ingredients from across India is a highlight of the evening. The desert selection is also striking, with a surprise twist ahead of the final courses.

With personalised attention and service, innovative and scrumptious food, and a cozy setting, the dinner promises an experience to remember.

Nassima Royal Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Monday-Saturday 7pm-11.30pm. Tel: 058 895 1272.


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