Rains continue in the UAE, cloud-seeding not responsible for storms – NCM

Current weather conditions in the UAE are typical for this time of the year, says officials

Heavy rains and stormy conditions witnessed in the UAE have not been caused by cloud-seeding operations, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has clarified.

Its clarification came after speculation that the heavy downpour seen in parts of the country on Wednesday was caused by cloud seeding.

Officials told local media that the current weather conditions in the UAE were typical for this time of the year.

While the UAE does carry out its cloud seeding programme when there is increased cloud formation, they do not cause thunderstorms, the NCM said.

“Aircraft do not approach storm clouds if they are strong or dangerous,” a broadcaster said.

Hundreds of cloud seeding operations have been carried out in the UAE so far this year.

The NCM also confirmed that the weather on Thursday will remain cloudy with continuing rainfall across parts of the country.

Temperatures will vary between 16 degrees celsius to 28 degrees in the coastal areas, between 14 degrees to 29 degrees in the internal areas and 10 degrees to 20 degrees in the mountains.