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Qatar’s Ooredoo launches $2,000 a month broadband package

Qatar’s Ooredoo launches $2,000 a month broadband package

The 10Gbps service is available to “VIP” customers

Qatari telecoms operator Ooredoo on Thursday launched one of the world’s most expensive broadband packages with the official unveiling of a 10Gbps fibre service for consumers.

The service, which went online on February 25 after a successful trial in December, is for now only available to select customers in Doha ahead of a wider commercial rollout later this year.

It costs QAR7,500 ($2,060) a month in a bundle with the carrier’s TV offering.

Ooredoo said the 10Gbps offering was up to 10 times faster than current broadband packages in the country.

“We’re delighted to be officially launching our 10Gbps fibre service for Qatar at Mobile World Congress. This week is all about demonstrating Ooredoo’s data experience leadership, and we continue to set new milestones by expanding and enhancing the Ooredoo Supernet for mobile and fibre customers,” said Waleed Al Sayed, CEO of Ooredoo Qatar.

The carrier added that the upgrade would support the introduction of the next mobile standard 5G and 8K television technology.

Last year, Ooredoo engaged in a war of words with the country’s communications regulator amid allegations it had failed to grant Qatar National Broadband Network (QNBN) or rival Vodafone access to its ducts for installing fibre.

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The authority argued Ooredoo had damaged competition and maintained artificially high prices for consumers, even going as far as estimating potential damage in GDP and per capita terms.

Ooredoo in turn responded by accusing the regulator of a conflict of interest as QNBN was the regulator’s affiliate.


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