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Predictions 2016: Deyaar CEO Saeed Al Qatami

Predictions 2016: Deyaar CEO Saeed Al Qatami

Despite the global economic slump, demand remains high for Dubai property, writes Al Qatami

Year 2015, has proven an interesting 12 months. Deyaar reported a consolidated net profit of Dhs 190m for the third quarter ended September 30, 2015, reflecting our continued commitment towards our various stakeholders.

The rise of Dubai’s fast-growing real estate market has created a need for units in diverse market segments, especially for affordable housing, and Deyaar has been actively working to fulfil this demand with its new projects such as Midtown. This development has provided opportunities for a wider base of middle-income investors and potential home owners to participate in Dubai’s real estate market as it factors in the needs of young couples and small families looking for units ranging from studios to three-bedroom apartments.

The global macroeconomic fluctuations have impacted the purchasing power of investors – however demand is still abundantly high. We strongly believe that investors will continue to make sound investments that generate higher value and sustainable returns on their investments.

In order to help realise the dreams of a wider number of people, we at Deyaar, strongly believe that real estate players should provide solutions for a more reasonable financial payment plan and funding for end users given the fact that a 25 to 30 per cent down payment plan is still not affordable to many.

In 2016, Deyaar will aim to move forward with its diversified portfolio of services and enhance the overall customer experience through our key business units – property development, asset and property management, facilities management and owners’ association management.

Additionally, Deyaar will continue studying the market to find the best entry point and push forward to capitalise on opportunities.

We look forward to supporting the real estate sector and all its regulatory authorities and investors through the coming years.


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