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Pictures: Sennheiser launches ‘world’s most expensive headphones’ in Middle East

Pictures: Sennheiser launches ‘world’s most expensive headphones’ in Middle East

The HE1 is handcrafted with more than 6,000 components

German audio firm Sennheiser has officially launched the HE1, dubbed the world’s most expensive headphones, in the Middle East.

The device, which is priced at EUR50,000 ($59,000), is claimed to be the most advanced high-end headphone system in the world.

“It is able to deceive our senses in a completely unique way, creating the perfect illusion of being directly immersed in the sound,” said co-CEO Andreas Sennheiser. Even the slightest nuances of the music become audible. Alongside star producer Steve Levine, Grammy award-winner Gregory Porter was one of the first to be invited to an exclusive listening trial.”


The HE1 is a direct successor to Sennheiser’s Orpheus HE90 headphones, which came paired with am amplifier at a price of $16,000 back in 1991.

They have been more than a decade in development and feature a hand-crafted design with more than 6,000 components including gold-vaporised ceramic electrodes, platinum-vaporised diaphragms, and Carrara marble amplifier housing.

Sennheiser staff told Gulf Business the production process has now been improved to the point they can craft one a day, or one and a half at a stretch.


But the product will remain exclusive with no more than 250 expected to be produced each year.

No doubt the German manufacturer is expecting a portion of these to be sold in the Gulf region and Dubai in particular given the taste for all things exclusive and luxury.


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