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Pictures: Dubai’s Meraas opens new chocolate boutique

Pictures: Dubai’s Meraas opens new chocolate boutique

The new chocolate-themed boutique, cafe and restaurant is open in the City Walk retail complex


Dubai-based holding company Meraas has opened a new homegrown chocolate store, café and restaurant brand at its City Walk development.

Boutique Le Chocolat brings together internationally renowned chocolatiers with 28 brands of bespoke items and ready-made products.


A further 60 brands will be offered at the 13,000 square-foot store soon as part of a planned 20,000-square-foot expansion.

Customers can try different chocolates and create their own personal chocolate bar with an individual message.


The store will also feature chocolate sculptures, a café offering warm drinks and the Cocoa Kitchen, a cocoa cuisine themed restaurant.


“Boutique Le Chocolat is not merely a shopping experience; it is a one-of-a-kind destination, where chocolate aficionados can indulge in a sweet haven that offers them a premium selection of the finest bonbons and bars with around 700 different flavours,” said Kareem Faisal, Meraas chief retail officer.

Visitors will find chocolatiers from Japan, Belgium, the US, Switzerland and France store.


Among them, Patrice Chapon, who began his career at Buckingham Palace, deLafèe, famous for its delicious chocolates adorned with edible gold and considered the world’s most expensive chocolate, the Guittard Chocolate Factory in San Francisco, established in 1868, ZChocolat dedicated to an exclusive line of gourmet chocolates and the French House of Bernachon.


A host of other brands are also available.

Earlier this month, Meraas opened the Italian-themed Outlet Vilage mall. The company has also introduced several new concepts to the city including a rainforest biodome.

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