Pakistani national executed in Dammam for beating to death a Saudi man

The accused was found guilty of hitting the victim on the head with an iron pipe and killing him

A Pakistani national has been execuetd in Saudi Arabia’s Dammam for beating to death a Saudi national.

Mohammed Bilal allegedly killed Abdullah bin Ali bin Eid al-Harbi by hitting him on his head with an iron pipe following a disagreement between them, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Security authorities arrested the accused, and following an investigation, he was charged with the crime and referred to the general court.

The weapon he used was also produced in court as evidence and, after he was found guilty of the charges, he was sentenced to death.

The verdict upheld by the appeals court and Supreme Court and a royal order was issued to enforce the death sentence.

The execution was carried out on Wednesday in Dammam, in the eastern Province, the SPA report said.

The interior ministry asserted the keenness of the government “to maintain security and achieve justice” and punish violators of such heinous crimes.

Saudi Arabia uses the death penalty for several offences including murder, drug-related crimes and terrorism.

Last week, a Saudi national was executed in Madinah for stabbing a man to death, while a Pakistani national and two Egyptians were executed for smuggling drugs.

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In November last year, a Saudi national was executed in the country for shooting to death another citizen, while another Saudi national was executed in October for shooting and killing a man in the region of Asir.

Three Saudi nationals were also executed in the kingdom’s Qatif region for robbing and killing five Indian nationals in October.

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