OPPO expands its premium offering with upcoming Find X5 series launch
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OPPO expands its premium offering with upcoming Find X5 series launch

OPPO expands its premium offering with upcoming Find X5 series launch

The series is set to launch in the region on June 22 and will be available in stores June 23 onwards

Divsha Bhat
Oppo Find X5

Global technology brand OPPO has announced the launch of its luxury smartphone series, the Find X5, which will be available in stores on June 23. The new series elevates the Find X series to a new level of beauty – both aesthetic and in terms of capabilities, redrawing the boundaries of the mobile experience across design, imaging, battery technology and performance, a statement said.

The series includes two variations, the Find X5 Pro and Find X5, raising the bar on smartphone imaging and premium design.

OPPO’s self-designed imaging NPU, MariSilicon X, makes its debut on the new series, which was introduced at OPPO INNO DAY 2021. The NPU, along with its in-house algorithms, such as AINR, provide a significant improvement in computational photography performance. The Find X5 series is the first flagship smartphone series capable of taking crisp 4K ultra night footage that can compete with what the human eye can perceive, thanks to its 6nm architecture, real-time RAW processing, and computational capability, said the company in a statement.

Following its long-held mission to bring natural and professional colours to smartphone imaging, OPPO has joined hands with Hasselblad to bring its natural colour calibration to the series, empowering users to unlock more emotive moments.

With an ultra-hard, true ceramic back, the Find X5 Pro achieves clean, modern sophistication while creating a surface texture that reduces fingerprints and follows a smooth, uniform incline to gently cushion the camera module. The Find X5 Pro also includes the dual flagship main cameras, 5-Axis OIS, 120Hz billion-colour display, support for 80W Supervooc charging, 50W Airvooc wireless charging and more.

Ethan Xue, president of OPPO MEA said, “Building on the core DNA of the OPPO Find X series that was a hit with consumers and critics alike, the Find X5 series is the perfect balance of beauty, performance and capability. The Find X5 series is a testament to OPPO’s commitment to developing innovations that revolve around user experience, with technological advancements that allow consumers get the best of out of their smartphone with every use.

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