Oman confirms first day of Islamic New Year

Private sector workers in the country will receive a day off

Oman’s Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs has confirmed that Tuesday, September 11 will be the first day of the Islamic New Year, according to reports.

Times of Oman’s sister publication cited the head of the the observatory at the department of astronomical affairs as confirming “astronomically, Tuesday, September 11 will be the first day of Muharram”.

“With the ministry as a competent authority, the holiday for the new Hijri year will be on Tuesday, September 11,” the official was quoted as saying.

Authorities said on Monday that the first day of the Islamic New year would be a national holiday for private sector workers.

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Moon sighting committees in the other Gulf countries are expected to make their own announcements in the coming days.

The UAE Cabinet announced yesterday that government workers would receive Thursday, September 13 off to mark the New Year.

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Islamic New Year celebrates the Prophet Mohammed’s journey from Makkah to Madinah.

It is considered an occasion for religious activities and reflection by Muslims in contrast to the elaborate celebrations seen at the start of each Gregorian year.