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Oman Chamber chairman says Omanisation policy hindering growth

Oman Chamber chairman says Omanisation policy hindering growth

Sheikh Said Al Kiyumi has said the current policy is incompatible with government strategy

The chairman of Oman’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCCI) has reportedly claimed that nationalisation is an obstacle to economic growth.

Times of Oman reports that Sheikh Said Al Kiyumi has called for a reassessment of the Omanisation policy to replace expatriate workers with Omanis in the private sector believing it is incompatible with government strategies.

“We should consider re-evaluating the Omanisation policy for it to serve the government’s strategy in supporting the economy,” he was quoted as saying.

Al Kiyumi argued that the current policy does not provide productivity and quality, but numbers in the private sector, with fresh Omani graduates often considered lacking in skills.

“If we want a strong and free Omani economy, we must revise the Omanisation policy because we will remain in the situation if it remains the same,” he added.

The official called for clear strategies from the government and the correct education for Omanis from nursery to university to create a generation of leaders.

“I am with nationals taking leadership roles, but if they can’t lead, they can’t grow the country,” said Al Kiyumi.

“If the company sees potential that in the future the national can lead the business, then it should go to him, not anyone else.

Earlier this year, a four-month study on the county’s nationalisation plans called for a greater role for Omanis in leadership and supervisory roles.

It recommended that Omanisation should be implemented gradually to limit the impact on company performance.

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