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Nokia Launches New Ramadan Apps On Windows 8 Platform

Nokia Launches New Ramadan Apps On Windows 8 Platform

Apps provide information on prayer timings, location of mosques and iftar and suhoor restaurant options.

Nokia and Microsoft have jointly launched five new Ramadan apps on the Windows 8 platform this year.

They include Ramadan Kareem, Quran Mojawed, Muslim Prayers, Essential Duas, and Zomato, which features a special Iftar and Suhoor section on its website.

“Developers in the region are very enthusiastic with the opportunities Ramadan apps offer,” said Ahmed Arab, App marketing manager, Nokia MENA. “There has been a significant increase in this category.”

The new range of applications can be downloaded directly from the Windows Phone Store.

Ramadan Kareem

The Ramadan Kareem app covers prayer times for the entire day, selecting the location manually or through GPS, and offer users the countdown for both the next prayer and for Iftar.

It also has tools such as a mosque locator, a Qibla finder and a Quran calculator to determine the number of pages to be read to achieve one’s reading goal at the end of the holy month.

Quran Mojawed

This app offers the complete Quran in Arabic calligraphy with the possibility to listen to each surah from a different reciter. It also offers Tajweed guidelines and bookmarks.

Muslim Prayers

Featuring “customisable” options, the app provides prayer times, and a Qibla and mosque locator. Its mosque locator tool is integrated with Nokia HERE Drive and allows users to make use of voice-guided navigation facilities.

Essential Duas

Essential Duas includes a compilation of several Islamic Duas allowing users to recite supplications on-the-go. Essential Duas also includes transliterations and translations for non-Arabic speaking people. The app also allows users to share Duas via SMS, email, and social media.


The restaurant finder app from has introduced a special Iftar and Suhoor section to help users track eating options available during Ramadan.


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