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New Dubai visa system: Approved typing centres to have ‘Amer’ logo

New Dubai visa system: Approved typing centres to have ‘Amer’ logo

All visa-related transactions can be carried out at the typing centres

Typing centres in Dubai which are authorised to carry out visa-related transactions on behalf of the residency department will soon have an ‘Amer’ logo, according to an official.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs introduced a new ‘UAE vision’ system last week, which will enable the public to conduct all visa-related transactions including application, renewal and cancellation at approved typing centres.

Dubai reveals new system for visit and residency visas

“When customers visit typing centres, they need to look out for the Amer logo,” Gulf News quoted a GDRFA official as saying.

“The logo will be clearly visible on the counters and on the staff uniform. The logo is a badge of approval from the GDRFA, indicating that the typing centre is qualified to carry out visa-related transactions through the UAE vision system.”


(Picture courtesy: Gulf News)

Some of the typing centres have already started providing the new services on a trial basis, while others are waiting to integrate their systems, he said.

The official confirmed that all 600 typing centres in Dubai will have the Amer logo “in a couple of months”.

The new move is expected to help people save effort and time as they will no longer need to visit the residency department.

People will only be asked to visit an immigration office in case of any discrepancies or problems, a spokesperson earlier clarified to Gulf Business.

When announcing the new system, GDRFA assistant of the director-general for administrative support Colonel Hussein Ibrahim stressed that people must provide accurate information to the typing centre such as valid phone numbers, address and email to ensure that communication can be maintained.

After application forms are processed, visit visas will be sent via email while residency visa services will be couriered via the Zajel service.

Required documents for visit visas:

Application form

Passport copies of the sponsor and visitor

Photograph of the visitor

Proof of relationship

Sponsor’s visa copy

Attested copy of the sponsor’s labour contract

Sponsor’s bank account IBAN number

Sponsor’s tenancy contract

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