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‘Negligent and reckless’ pilot caused Atlantis helicopter crash

‘Negligent and reckless’ pilot caused Atlantis helicopter crash

GCAA investigation into the crash on the Palm says pilot was “directly responsible for the crash”

A pilot flew in a “a negligent and reckless manner” when a helicopter crashed at the Atlantis hotel, Dubai, shortly after take-off three years ago, a report found.

The aircraft, operated by tour company Helidubai, was making a final journey from the hotel to Dubai International Airport after a full day and no commercial passengers were on board when the incident took place on January 22..

The pilot and a helicopter landing officer were in the aircraft at the time and both suffered serious injuries, but both made full recoveries.
A General Civil Aviation Authority final report has now concluded that the pilot’s aggressive, “aerobatic” manoeuvre was not in compliance with civil aviation regulations.
The 52-page report said: “The rapid onset of the high-speed rotation combined with the effects of the rotational inertia which forced the pilot and helicopter landing officer most probably resulted in disorientation of the pilot.”

The GCAA air investigation also found that “unforced skills-based errors of the handling pilot” and “poor pilot judgment of the aircraft handling requirements for the intended manoeuvre,” played a contributing factor in the crash.

 The report found the aircraft was airworthy and weather conditions were good at the time of the accident and both the pilot and the landing officer tested negative for drugs and alcohol at Rashid Hospital after the crash.


Meanwhile, the report found there was no loss of tail rotor effectiveness or mechanical systems failure at play in the incident.

However, the collective – used to increase the main rotor pitch simultaneously at all points of the rotor blade rotation – was lowered, resulting in an uncontrolled descent onto the helipad, said the report.
The GCAA recommended 10 safety improvements, including that Helidubai operate a safety data collection and processing system, and update its safety management system to accurately reflect the risk associated with unmonitored pilot behaviour.


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