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Moto g 5G Plus from Motorola available for only Dhs1,299

Moto g 5G Plus from Motorola available for only Dhs1,299

Low price puts next-generation 5G in the hands of cost-conscious consumers

Barely a year since the commercial availability of 5G, the ecosystem has already reached maturity.

How can you tell? The price of 5G smartphones is now firmly in the lower to mid-range, putting the next-generation of connectivity in the hands of a larger segment of society. While the first commercially available 5G smartphone, the Samsung S10 5G, sold for the equivalent of Dhs4,400 in South Korea, the newly launched moto g 5G Plus from Motorola can be had for the bargain price of Dhs1,299 in the UAE.

For that price, you have access to ultra-fast 5G connectivity that delivers more bandwidth, lower latency, and reduced lag time. Now you can download entire HD movies in minutes, stream intensive online games without lag, and video call with immense clarity.

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The 6.7″ CinemaVision Full HD+ of the moto g 5G plus offers an ultra-widescreen for a better video viewing experience. The 90 Hz screen refresh rate ensures smooth video replay and a more responsive gaming experience.

The moto g 5G plus also introduces Motorola’s first-ever dual selfie camera system with an ultra-wide front lens. Motorola says the ultra-wide front sensor allows selfie-takers to fit 4x more subjects into a frame. The 48 MP main sensor includes a depth sensor that can blur out backgrounds and a dedicated macro lens for those extra close-ups.

The moto g 5G plus is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 Mobile Platform, optimised for demanding 5G use cases. The massive 5,000 mAh battery ensures that typical users can go for two days without having to recharge.

The smartphone also features NFC technology for contactless payments, while also letting consumers to wirelessly share content like contacts, pictures, and videos with other devices.

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