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Mobile phone recycling firm Redeem expands in UAE

Mobile phone recycling firm Redeem expands in UAE

The company, which established an office in Dubai this year, has signed partnerships with three major electronic retailers

Europe-based Redeem, a firm specialising in mobile phone recycling and resale, is expanding its operations within the United Arab Emirates.

The company, which started its regional operations with an office in Dubai earlier this year, said that it has signed partnerships with three electronic retailers – Virgin Megastore, iStyle- the premium reseller of Apple products and Plug Ins.

As per the deal signed with Redeem, the retailers will provide consumers with vouchers in return for their used mobile phones that will subsequently be sold to Redeem. Currently, the partnership extends to 40 electronic retail outlets in the UAE, the company said.

Redeem said that it expects to sign partnerships with two more retailers soon, bringing that number to 70 outlets in the Emirates. The company is also in talks to establish partnerships in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, a statement said.

“Working with us, retailers are able to make an exciting offer to their customers – vouchers in return for the customers’ used phones – which helps to cement the customer relationship and sell further products and services,” said Redeem’s Middle East and North Africa head Husni El Assi.

“In addition, Redeem makes payment to the retailers and takes the used phones, and provides experienced and knowledgeable support.”

He added that Redeem will not limit its partnerships to just electronic retailers in the region.

“Our partners may be retailers, major network operators, distributors, or others – including corporates who wish to dispose of used mobile phones in a secure manner which is respectful of the environment.”

Redeem, which has operations in 26 countries, resells old devices after refurbishing it and wiping off data. The ones that cannot be fully restored are recycled, leading to zero waste going to landfill.

The recycled mobile phone market is growing strongly, buoyed by concerns of the impact that e-waste generation has on the environment. According to a report by market research firm Technavio, the recycled mobile phone market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17 per cent by 2019. Meanwhile about 79.5 million mobile phone units are expected to be recycled in 2018, the report predicted.

Although mobile phone recycling is still at a nascent stage in the Middle East, high smartphone penetration and an increasing trend of frequently updating devices could make the region a lucrative market for mobile phone recycling firms.

The UAE has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world. According to a recent report from the country’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, 67 per cent of all handsets registered in the UAE during the second quarter of this year were smartphones- a figure that has seen a steady year-on-year growth.


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