Miral's Taghrid Alsaeed on the importance of Emirati Women's Day
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Miral’s Taghrid Alsaeed on why celebrating Emirati Women’s Day is important

Miral’s Taghrid Alsaeed on why celebrating Emirati Women’s Day is important

The Executive Director – Group Communications and Destination Marketing at Miral, shares her journey and how Miral is supporting its female workforce

Neesha Salian
Miral's Taghrid Alsaeed

Tell us about your professional journey.
I started my career in the US in 2000, working in the field of web programming, graphic design, and digital media for multinational companies including Microsoft’s partner Nortec Communications and TriVision.

I arrived in the UAE five years later, in 2005. I worked in Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, where I was a key member of the team that developed the first Islamic online banking platform in Abu Dhabi. In 2006, I established an award-winning media and marketing department for the ADIB Real Estate subsidiary.

Following this, I began my leadership journey at Aldar Properties in 2008. I held various managerial positions in sales, marketing, digital, and media, spearheading the redevelopment of the company’s brand strategy. In 2011, I worked as head of Digital Communications & Infrastructure at Mubadala Development Company Abu Dhabi. After which, I was a seconded resource at Mubadala to work at the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Games as the Director of Media and Marketing. In 2020, I returned to Mubadala to reshape the organisation’s media outreach strategy, establishing, and heading the Media Intelligence & Innovation department.

I am a relatively new member of the Miral team; however, I can confidently say it is the perfect environment for people who are passionate about making an economic, social, and environmental impact through the most joyful sector – leisure and entertainment. I am excited to oversee the creation and development of Miral’s brand assets for local, regional and global campaigns as the company continues to cut through the competitive international marketplace.

What makes the UAE one of the pioneers in the region to promote diversity, equality and inclusion?
The UAE is constantly pioneering to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. Just looking at the demographics of UAE’s population, we have people from almost all countries in the world living in one nation. We welcome all nationalities, religions, and cultures. The UAE has introduced and embraced a range of laws that protect its people from discrimination in the labour market. These laws boost gender equality in the economy and highlight inclusivity, inter-cultural tolerance, and mutual co-existence in the workplace, leading companies across the UAE to retain and attract diverse talent from all over the world.

Any tips on how peers and other Emirati women can forge ahead in their careers and business?
My only advice is to forget about your gender and focus on your strengths, capabilities, and assets. Don’t let anything hold you back from achieving what you set your mind to.

Tell us how the company has supported its female workforce.
Miral is a company that believes in equal opportunities and supports every employee in their personal and professional growth.

Looking specifically at the female workforce, we are encouraged to ensure various viewpoints are brought to the table. An all-encompassing team consisting of talented, creative, and resourceful women enables us to deliver the best attractions, experiences, and destinations for our customers. The company is also working on making the process for working moms to return after giving birth more seamless.

I feel supported and empowered but not necessary as a female employee, but as a professional who is working hard to add value to the organisation.

Why is Emirati Women’s Day special to you?
Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day is essential. It is an opportunity to shed light on inspirational stories that encourage and remind all women that there is no limit to their dreams, goals, and ambitions. It’s also a great way to celebrate the remarkable achievements and hard work of Emirati women across the country, who make their nation proud each step of the way.

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