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Gitex: Microsoft To Launch Arabic Enabled Phone

Gitex: Microsoft To Launch Arabic Enabled Phone

World famous tech brand is to also launch its new Windows 8 software on October 26, with an exclusive local launch in Dubai.

Global technology giant Microsoft is launching its first ever Arabic-enabled phone at the end of October, around the same time it launches the latest version of its Windows operating software.

Windows 8 will launch worldwide on October 26 as Microsoft begins an exclusive global tour promoting the new software, culminating in a local launch in Dubai on November 19.

The new software will work across all desktop, laptop and tablet platforms and will be available across several mobile phone devices.

Windows 8 will come with several free local applications already installed, specific to the region where the software is bought.

Microsoft revealed the news at this year’s Gitex – the biggest ICT event in the MENA region.


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