Micro Focus introduces OPTIC to streamline IT at lower cost Micro Focus introduces OPTIC to streamline IT at lower cost
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Micro Focus introduces OPTIC to streamline IT at lower cost

Micro Focus introduces OPTIC to streamline IT at lower cost

New IT platform aims to unify the business user experience while improving operational efficiency


Micro Focus has announced the release of a new platform, OPTIC, designed to simplify the complexity that organisations face when embarking on their digital transformation journeys.

Micro Focus says OPTIC, which stands for Operations Platform for Transformation, Intelligence and Cloud, is designed with a “built-in, unlimited-use intelligence at the core and the ability to optimise the cloud as a full partner.”

The launch comes as companies navigate the shifting demands of the digital economy while improving productivity for a dispersed workforce, accelerated by the Covid pandemic.

“The need to digitally transform is universal. However, obstacles remain particularly in managing multiple platforms across cloud, hybrid and on-prem. A new IT paradigm is essential to cut through these complexities while building out AI and machine learning at scale,” said Toufic Derbass, managing director for Middle East and Africa for Micro Focus.

Eliminating complexity with a unified IT platform
Key capabilities of Micro Focus OPTIC include delivering unified process automation with embedded ‘best-practice’ content that improves productivity without requiring brittle custom code. OPTIC also offers discovery and topology mapping for both cloud and on-premises environments that enable efficient management based on current configurations. Customers also benefit from a single interface for user self-service, backed by smart virtual agents, that reduces user frustration while improving response times and staff efficiency.

Micro Focus OPTIC users can choose whichever deployment option fits them best, whether in the cloud, in containers, as a service, or on-premises, coupled with and the ability to switch as needed.

Finally, OPTIC is built on modular building blocks and flexible licensing. This helps meet the need for on-demand functionality without any unexpected costs.

Built-in intelligence
The embedded intelligence at the core of Micro Focus OPTIC provides broad analysis as it normalises, stores and makes sense of all data produced by the variety of solutions found across IT environments – including most third-party monitoring tools.

With the cloud as a full partner, OPTIC customers can unify performance and availability management while staying flexible with multi-cloud deployment options.

OPTIC components are licensed and installed with Micro Focus ITOM products, providing incremental value to customers as they expand their use.

As digital transformation continues to drive strategic business change, Micro Focus OPTIC is one of the ways Micro Focus helps customers build on what already works while fulfilling its promise of a ‘high tech, low drama’ approach to transformation.

“Now IT teams no longer need to choose between IT best practices and cloud transformation thanks to the embedded intelligence in the Micro Focus OPTIC platform which streamlines digitisation with low drama,” Derbass said.


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