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McDonald’s UAE To Open 15 New Restaurants In 2014

McDonald’s UAE To Open 15 New Restaurants In 2014

McDonald’s UAE invested Dhs32 million in 2013, with 11 new stores and five renovations.

McDonald’s UAE has announced plans to grow its presence across the emirates with 15 new restaurants planned for 2014.

The new openings will reflect a 19 per cent increase in the company’s workforce. McDonald’s, one of the biggest and most recognisible brands in the world, already has 119 outlets in the UAE.

“The planned expansion of our geographic presence is consistent with the investments we made in the market last year and demonstrate our continued commitment to investing in both our restaurants and our staff,” said Mr. Rafic Fakih, managing director and partner of McDonald’s UAE.

McDonald’s UAE invested around Dhs32 million in 2013, expanding its portfolio of restaurants with 11 new stores and renovations to five branches.

“In the summer last year, we launched the McDonald’s Delivery System to bring our products directly to our customers and we are planning to further expand its geographical coverage in 2014 to other Emirates,” added Fakih.


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