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Major fire breaks out at Beirut port a month after blast

Major fire breaks out at Beirut port a month after blast

The Lebanese army has called for people to evacuate the area

Beirut Lebanon

A fire has broken out at the Beirut port on Thursday, a month after a massive explosion took place within the same vicinity.

State-owned news outlet National News Agency (NNA) reported on Thursday that “massive flames and smoke were seen covering the area.”

Vehicles belonging to the Beirut Fire Brigade and the Civil Defense have arrived at Beirut port and are working attempting to extinguishing the fire. Teams from the Red Cross are also at the scene.

Media reports have said that the fire has taken place at the oils and tires warehouse in the duty-free market of Beirut’s port.

Local media added that the Lebanese army have called for people to evacuate the area.

Army helicopters were seen flying overhead and attempting to douse the flames with water.

Thursday’s fire is the second such blaze reported this week, after a small fire was extinguished at the port earlier on Tuesday.

There are no reports yet of any causalities of Thursday’s fire.

However, the explosion on August 4 killed 192 people and injured over 6,500 individuals after 2,750 tons of incorrectly stored ammonium nitrate exploded.

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