Latest Bose ‘Frame’ wearables launched in the UAE Latest Bose ‘Frame’ wearables launched in the UAE
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Latest Bose ‘Frame’ wearables launched in the UAE

Latest Bose ‘Frame’ wearables launched in the UAE

Frames Tempo, Tenor and Soprano deliver sound from eyewear and not earphones


Authorities urge situational awareness when exercising outdoors for safety reasons; that is why conventional earphones and over-the-ear headphones are discouraged for the simple fact that they block what is happening around you.

Conduction headphones (open ear headphones) solve this problem by transmitting sound through the vibration of the bones rather than the eardrum. This technology is becoming increasingly popular particularly among runners or cyclists who want both music and exposure to ambient sound such as cars driving by.

Audio specialists Bose has launched its latest version of ‘Frames’, a lineup of wearables that combine sunglasses with open ear headphones in one stylish unit.

The lineup includes the new Frames Tempo, a wearable engineered specifically for outdoor workouts like biking, running, and climbing. Bose says Tempo is sweat, weather, scratch, and shatter-resistant; and has up to 8 hours of battery life through an included standard USB-C charging cable. Its lenses are polycarbonate with visible light transmission of 12 per cent.

Also launched are the Frames Tenor and Soprano which are for everyday use with “improved style, design, and acoustics over the original”. All feature Bose’s proprietary Open Ear Audio Technology providing immersive sound from eyewear — not earbuds.

The Frames Tempo, Tenor, and Soprano have polarised lenses, blocking up to 99 per cent of UV rays, and look and feel like conventional sunglasses for outdoor sports and daily wear.

The wafer-thin Bose systems are discreetly embedded in each arm without extra parts, visible screws, seams, or perforations and weigh less than 50 grams.

They wirelessly connect to your phone to stream music, take and make calls, and use your personal assistant. Their speaker systems are directed towards the user so that only you can hear content and conversations, but others can’t.

In the new Frames line-up, a one-microphone system has been replaced with a dual-beam-forming array that shields what you’re saying from wind, noise, and other nearby conversations.

If required, the lenses can be replaced with prescription versions. The new Frames can be pre-ordered starting September 11 and available on September 24 through Bose and its resellers. They will all be sold for Dhs1,049.

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