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Kuwait’s information ministry cuts foreign advisors

Kuwait’s information ministry cuts foreign advisors

Government departments have been urged to cut foreign staff

Kuwait’s information minister has reportedly terminated the contracts of all foreign advisors working with the Information Ministry.

Kuwait Times cited sources as confirming the cuts were made based upon Mohammed Al-Jabri’s belief that the services of the advisors were not required.

He indicated they would be replaced by Kuwaiti candidates, according to the publication.

The cuts come amid calls from the finance ministry for government departments to begin a purge of foreign staff.

The ministry has requested a list of foreign employees to be cut at each ministry and government organisation in the next fiscal year, beginning on April 1.

The government wants all public sector roles to be occupied by Kuwaitis by 2022.

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Separately, banks in the country have been told to set a schedule for the majority of tehir key roles to be occupied by Kuwaiti staff.

Under the central bank plans, foreign staff would be limited to training roles only.

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