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Kuwait MPs vote to scrap law reducing juvenile age to 16

Kuwait MPs vote to scrap law reducing juvenile age to 16

The law was approved under the country’s previous parliament

MPs in Kuwait on Wednesday voted overwhelming to pass legislation to increase the juvenile age for crimes from 16 years to 18 years.

Kuwait Times reports that the vote scrapped the existing law reducing the age to 16 that was passed by the previous National Assembly.

Opposition MPs criticised previous lawmakers and the former interior minister for passing the law, which they said breached the constitution and international treaties.

Pro government and opposition lawmakers exchanged harsh words during the debate, according to the publication.

MP Abdullah Al-Roumi said the law was politically motivated and aimed at young people who protested against changes to the country’s voting system and alleged political bribes in 2011 and 2012.

Others said additional laws approved by the previous assembly needed to be amended including those mandating all residents be DNA tested and increasing the allowed detention time for juveniles.

Opposition are also focussing on changes to the country’s nationality law, prevention of convicts running for public office and amendments to the voting system.


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