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Kuwait Issues Smoking Ban

Kuwait Issues Smoking Ban

Smoking cigarettes and shisha in most public places will now be punishable by law.


Kuwait has issued a ministerial decree banning all forms of smoking in most public places including cafes, hotels, markets, restaurants and malls. Educational establishments, places of worship, healthcare and medical places and entertainment venues are also off-limits for smokers.

The ban issued by the commerce and industry ministry states that cafes, restaurants and hotels have to allocate a secluded area for smokers.

Authorities have said that those violating the ban will face legal action.

According to a report on the 2011 Global Tobacco Epidemic released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), 42.3 per cent of the men and 4.4 per cent of the women in Kuwait were smokers as of 2010.

The report stated that the Kuwaiti government’s expenditure on tobacco control amounted to KWD240,000 in 2008, the latest figures available.

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