Kcal launches limited-edition Ramadan menu with free home delivery in the UAE Kcal launches limited-edition Ramadan menu with free home delivery in the UAE
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Kcal launches limited-edition Ramadan menu with free home delivery in the UAE

Kcal launches limited-edition Ramadan menu with free home delivery in the UAE

The healthy food company has also crafted a special meal plan for those who want to continue to stay on top of their routine throughout the holy month

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The observance of Ramadan this year has been like none other in recent memory – with families confined to their homes for extended spells as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the usual large daily iftar gatherings of family and friends are restricted to only a handful of people.

Still, those iftar gatherings are typically marked with a variety of food offerings laid out for family members.

With most restaurants in the UAE restricting their service to only 30 per cent of their capacity, there is a renewed focus on food home delivery services.

Among the many companies who have already made their mark in this space is Kcal – a homegrown healthy meal delivery service based in the UAE.

Now, Kcal has introduced a special Ramadan menu priced at Dhs69, with customers allowed to choose a soup, side and dessert along with one of Kcal’s limited-edition mains which includes chicken makloubeh, beef biriyani and a vegetarian biriyani.

All orders placed through its website will be accompanied by a complimentary Active Immune Booster and Kcal is offering free delivery of this menu all month.

The Ramadan menu has been inspired by Middle Eastern creations of celebrity TV chef Hala Ayash.

Apart from the new Ramadan dishes, the company has also launched Ramadan by Chef Hala, a special Kcal Extra meal plan.

The meal plan includes a month-long Ramadan menu of Levantine and Mediterranean dishes crafted in-house by an expert nutrition team and which is suitable for fasting and non-fasting customers, prepared under strict hygiene and safety protocols.

These regular monthly meal plans are priced from Dhs3,100 and includes three meals and two snacks, while the Ramadan plan comes with additional juices, dates and a 15 per cent discount, as well as a complimentary Active Immune System Booster shot everyday.

For those who aren’t letting up on their workout routines during Ramadan, Kcal has introduced the Fuel-Up Ramadan Power box packed with nine macro accurate meals, measured and designed to meet your specific nutrition goals.

The meal prep starts from Dhs100 per day and has no contract and no commitments.

For those who’d prefer a flexible meal prep, they can build their own plan by choosing from a selection of protein, carbs and vegetables or ready made signature set dishes. Here too, every order receives a complimentary Active Immune Booster.

The standard Kcal Ramadan menu can be ordered on kcallife.com; the Ramadan Kcal Extra meal plan can be ordered via kcalextra.com; and the Fuel-Up Ramadan Power box can be ordered on fueluplife.com

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